New Beat Tape

2010-06-20 17:48:24 by shaggyhaired

Check out the new album/beattape/ whatever.

Buy it if you wanna support me ;)

New Beat Tape

New CD

2010-04-14 01:10:41 by shaggyhaired

Yep, here's all my stuff on one CD download.

I know you can get it all free here, but shit, why not support me and my quest for some better equipment/turntables?

Maybe callin' it quits.

2010-03-27 15:23:55 by shaggyhaired

What I do just isn't original or good enough I guess.

Maybe I'll try to pick up a new style or something, but my work just isn't making the cut.

Hip-Hop comp may be the last thing I do.

Thanks bros.


2010-01-13 21:47:06 by shaggyhaired

If any of you lyricists wanna collab, I have an awesome loop made from a sample by The Main Ingredient.

There's not enough content in the song for a full-fledged sampled song, but the loop would be awesome to rap over. Anyways, hit me up in a PM if you wanna collab.

Sweet, thanks.

I have a website!

2009-12-16 23:54:50 by shaggyhaired

Check it out!

I suggest making one too.

Gets you some exposure, and maybe, hopefully, some sales.

I have a website!

Hello World.

2009-12-08 01:11:24 by shaggyhaired

I've just recently gotten into Hip-Hop sampling.
So check out my music in the Ol'skool genre, and ignore the rest.

If you want to collab, or rap to a beat or whatever, just hit me up.